Each of the UK Law Schools will probably have a “culture” of its own, or student life, per say.

This is a factor that you should consider when weighing your options on which school to attend. Student life consists of everything outside of studies, ranging from student services provided by the university, student organizations and clubs, the overall makeup of the student population and facilities available to enhance a student’s experience. Learning about what each school has to offer will give you insight as to whether or not you will flourish there.

Each school will have a Student Services organization that offers a range of services designed to enhance each student’s experience at that school. This starts with the basics of social and sporting activities and extends to non-academic support services, including Access & Disability, Accommodation, Orientation, Counselling, and much more. You should identify what is important to you so you know what to look for at each school.

If you are interested in joining clubs or organizations to meet more people and have opportunities for activities outside of academics, you should inquire about them at each school. Clubs will give you an avenue to interact with others having similar interests, opening the door to relationships that will take you through law school and beyond!

Meeting others students and learning from them will take you a long way. The makeup of the student population can be a great asset in your education. Law school is not just about learning about the law and upholding it, but also learning about how to work with people; and what better way to learn to help than by being around different types of people, learning about how the think and do thing, and learning from them.

Considering what a school has to offer outside of academics can and should influence your decision on where to attend law school. You will need to spend some time in activities that are not related to your studies, so a school that meets your needs in this area will be a better fit.