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Which School is for You? – Student Life

Each of the UK Law Schools will probably have a “culture” of its own, or student life, per say. This is a factor that you should consider when weighing your options on which school to attend. Student life consists of everything outside of studies, ranging from student...
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How to tackle multiple choice questions in LNAT

In most exams that use multiple choice questions (MCQs) the challenge is remembering what you have learned and using that information to choose the correct answer. With the LNAT, it’s a different story.   You are being tested on the ability to analyze and formulate...
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LNAT – The test that doesn’t tests your knowledge over Law

It is rightly said, 'to play simply is to comply with laws.' Law treats everybody just as independent of the status that one holds. No sooner you infringe upon law, the guidelines of the legal framework is unfavorably influenced. Having said this, it is perpetually...
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