In most exams that use multiple choice questions (MCQs) the challenge is remembering what you have learned and using that information to choose the correct answer. With the LNAT, it’s a different story.  

You are being tested on the ability to analyze and formulate the answer from what is put before you. An LNAT MCQ will consist of a passage that you read, followed by a series of questions. The LNAT is designed to test your ability to dissect the passage, identify key points in the text and then choose the correct answer from the provided list. There are several tricks to doing this and they should be used when preparing for the LNAT.

Don’t make assumptions. 

Read what is before you and don’t jump to any conclusions outside of what has been written.  For example, if the passage contains the following, “The defendant was acquitted.”  This does not imply whether or not the defendant was really innocent or not, simply that s/he was acquitted.

Identify words

that could change the meaning of a sentence.  For example, the use of the word sometimes indicates that the statement is not always the case.  This is a very important thing to note, as it changes what is being stated.  Other words to watch for are: usually, could, typically, may.

Determine if the statement is an opinion or a fact. 

Ask yourself if the writer is making an assumption that may not be entirely correct and could evidence be found to dispute it. Understanding the nature of the statement will prevent you from making an incorrect assumption.

Determine what the question is asking for. 

Look at its structure – does it have a double negative or is it asking you to do multiple things simultaneously.  Look for keywords such as: inferred, stated, and concluded.  These words are clues to the answer – understand their meaning to understand the question.  Read the questions carefully enough so you know what you are answering.

Finally, check your answer. 

Look at what you have chosen and be certain it answers exactly what has been asked.  Again, this requires fully understanding the question to know what the answer will be.

How will you be able to utilize these tips naturally?  Through practice.  Devote enough time to take practice tests so that you are reading and answering LNAT MCQs often.  Becoming familiar with this type of question and practicing these tips often will make you adept at applying them on the day of the test.